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​Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue 

Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue in a not-for-profit private foundation established by a group of caring Maryland residents who wanted to do more than sit by and watch the occasional mistreatment of horses within the equine community. Through the efforts of a dedicated Board of Directors, Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue works with local and regional entities to locate abandoned, abused and neglected horses who are then transported to our facilities in Ridgley, Maryland where they are nursed back to good health. Upon completion of their rehabilitation program managed by our highly capable staff they are returned to the community and placed permanently in quality living facilities. Medical care, diet, nutrition, exercise and training are all included in their recovery strategy. Through public and private generosity, Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue operates effectively and efficiently with minimal financial overhead.

  Carlene Eaton is the Vice President, and acting President, of the Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue and the owner/operator for ten years of a 47 acre horse farm in the Eastern Shore Area of the State of Maryland. For over 30 years she has cared for, tended to, and serviced a wide range of horses. She currently owns nine of her own and boards on average 25 on a monthly basis. In addition to managing the day to day needs of her horse facility, she serves as the President of two privately owned corporations. 
 Laura Jenkins, Secretary/Treasurer for Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue, began her professional career as a public health nurse and has been practicing this profession for her entire adult life. She has owned and cared for horses for an even longer period and currently owns four Peruvians. Having lived in several regions of the country, her medical skills have been of great benefit as she has cared for her horses that traveled with her to various homesteads. Currently, she resides in Maryland a short distance from the home base of the horse rescue haven.
 Ron Siarnicki is a member of the Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue Board of Directors, and is a retired firefighter who has worked in the philanthropic environment for many years. He currently holds the position of Executive Director with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and is the retired Fire Chief of Prince George’s county, Maryland. He serves on many non-profit boards and is currently the treasurer of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association. In addition, he owns and operates a small horse farm in Maryland. 


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